Hosepipe Ban

Ipswich Borough Council is complying with Anglian Water’s directive from 5 April not to use hand-held hosepipes in all its parks and open spaces during the current drought.

If the dry weather persists, they will be using water from two ponds in Holywells and Christchurch parks – up to 20 cubic metres from each site each day. The ponds are fed from a natural source and the overflow system (thousands of litres of water) normally drains either into the river or into the sewer system.

The Council tells the FoCP that it is doing everything it can to reduce the need for irrigation across its parks and open spaces, including planting more drought resistant perennial plants, using mypex sheeting and applying water retaining mulch in new landscape schemes. Anyone seeking further advice on the hosepipe ban should consult the Anglian Water website: <https://www.anglianwater.co.uk/environment/water-resources/4025142DE63E4E96897DAC2FE1E519CE.aspx