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Wildlife Reserve

The Wildlife Reserve is a dense area of woodland that was initially planted in around 1870. After the great storm of October 1987, when the Park lost over 200 trees and this area was out of bounds for many months, it was designated the Bird Reserve. It is now called the Wildlife Reserve in recognition of its importance as a semi-rural habitat for all sorts of species. The single most dominant tree is Scot’s pine but as many of these approach maturity, open areas are being colonised by grasses, bramble, sycamore and horse chestnut. Notable species include treecreepers, tawny owls, sparrowhawks, noctule and pipstrelle bats, and stag beetles.

The Friends have put up over thirty numbered bird boxes (built by Reg Snook) in the Reserve , and we are always interested in hearing reports of nesting activity. There are also a number of bat boxes in the area.

To help protect this special wildlife area, please keep to the marked paths. Dog-walkers must keep their dogs on a lead when in the Reserve.